Sway With Me | 'Flow Through It' (24x30)
Sway With Me | 'Flow Through It' (24x30)
Sway With Me | 'Flow Through It' (24x30)
Sway With Me | 'Flow Through It' (24x30)
Sway With Me | 'Flow Through It' (24x30)
Sway With Me | 'Flow Through It' (24x30)

Sway With Me | 'Flow Through It' (24x30)

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This painting was the most freeing painting, I have ever made. I want this special painting to remind you to be carefree and trust in the ebs and flows of life. 

This painting will have a stunning high gloss varnish that adds a stunning sheen. Sway with me was created freely, with love and pure intuition. I wanted to put onto canvas what felt right in my heart and would resonate with you. To always remember to slow down, take in the gentle flows and embrace serenity. 

  • This is an original painting on canvas, 24x30x1.5 inches.
  • Beautiful indigos, blues and stunning golds with foil play beautifully together
  • The textures and gold detailing catches the light beautifully
  • Mixed media of paint on canvas: Acrylic paint, alcohol ink, oil pastel
  • A final varnish of high gloss will be added to the painting to give it a stunning sheen and vibrancy (and of course protection)
  • Painting can be configured however you please! 

Framing Recommendations
This painting would look beautiful with a natural wood floating frame, pictured here. If you are interested in framing, please add a note in your order or email me and I can let you know include additional costs after the confirmed order for the framing ($100). Please note, framing is only applicable for pick-up orders. However, this canvas is gallery-wrapped (1.5 inches white egde) and can be hung as is without a frame. 

Pickup at my studio (Markham, ON) is available at checkout. Any additional shipping costs or charges will be refunded or billed based on shipping location, package size, weight. I will try my best to provide the best shipping costs for your order once confirmed. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at artbythiviyaa@gmail.com. 

Thank you for supporting my art, it brings me great joy to have my art in your space.
Love, Thiviyaa