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Sway With Me | 'Go With The Flow' (24x36)

Sway With Me | 'Go With The Flow' (24x36)

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Close your eyes and let it all go.

This entire collection was created to evoke gentle flows, deep serenity and this painting was the epitome of that inspiration. I want this painting to always remind you to take it slow and to let the burdens of yesterday wash away. This painting will have a stunning high gloss varnish that adds a stunning sheen. 

There's also a secret to this painting. There is an entire painting under this beautiful final piece. Prior to the launch of this collection, I created another painting on this canvas and it just didn't feel finished. As soon as I created the other paintings in this collection, I knew this painting had so much more to give. What you see now, is a labour of love time and well...going with the flow.

  • This is an original painting on canvas, 24x36x1.5 inches.
  • Beautiful indigos, blues and stunning golds with foil play beautifully together
  • The textures are unreal in this painting and when the light hits it throughout the day, the gold just shines!
  • Mixed media of paint on canvas: Acrylic paint, alcohol ink, oil pastel
  • A final varnish of high gloss will be added to the painting to give it a stunning sheen and vibrancy

Framing Recommendations
This painting can be hung without any framing as the canvas is gallery-wrapped (1.5 inches) with a black painted edge. However, a floating frame in natural wood or black would look beautiful as well! If you are interested in framing, please add a note in your order or email me and I can let you know additional costs ($100-$150) based on your preference. Please note, framing is only applicable for pick up orders.


Pickup at my studio (Markham, ON) is available at checkout. Any additional shipping costs or charges will be refunded or billed based on shipping location, package size, weight. I will try my best to provide the best shipping costs for your order once confirmed. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at 

Thank you for supporting my art, it brings me great joy to have my art in your space.
Love, Thiviyaa

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